After almost two years of living with the pandemic brought by coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID 19), many countries around the world are starting to go back to the pre-pandemic way of life. Thanks to medical and technological innovations, we are now able to become a functional society despite the ongoing presence of the virus.

One of these innovations is in the detection of the virus in the body through rapid antigen testing. In the earlier days of the pandemic, the only accurate way to test for the virus was through the reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test. However, there is now an innovative and more convenient option for those who feel uncomfortable undergoing an RT-PCR nasopharyngeal and/or oropharyngeal swab. This test is called the rapid antigen test and the specimen used is the saliva.

In Australia, one of the pioneer companies to offer saliva rapid antigen testing is Vacinn8 Plus. They are a medical service provider based in New South Wales that offers mobile services for both small and large corporations in Sydney. They originally only offered corporate flu vaccinations before the pandemic. However, their innovative company decided to add convenient rapid antigen testing using saliva in order to help mobilize companies in the metropolitan area.

As the workers in different industries are starting to return to the workplace, they need to be safely launched back through accurate testing results indicating that they do not have the virus. This testing method is 99% accurate with its negative results and positive results can be confirmed using the RT-PCR test.

Vaccin8 Plus comes to their clients through their mobile service provider. Interested parties can book an appointment through their online website at The same method of scheduling an appointment can be done by those who want to have their employees and students vaccinated with the flu vaccine. An annual injection of flu vaccine especially during the cold season helps prevent mild flu from turning worse and resulting in absences from work and school.

More importantly, being vaccinated against the flu provides additional protection from the effects of COVID 19 which also affects the respiratory system during the initial stage of the disease. Seeking the services of Vaccin8 Plus can help companies ensure the safety of their employees and workplace from COVID-19 and flu, self-limiting diseases that can greatly affect the productivity of workers and functions of the company if not prevented and managed properly.

We are currently living in a world that is still recovering from the pandemic. But still, many people can no longer stay at home longer than they should and have to go back to their pre-pandemic work areas. Pioneering companies like Vaccin8 Plus is a big help in monitoring the presence of a COVID 19 infection in companies and schools. Their trained personnel who are mostly nurses ensure that testing and flu vaccination methods are performed without error for the safety of their clients.

The convenient group testing can be done by companies or schools in a routine manner and Vaccin8 Plus will be conveniently bringing their medical services to the work or school site. Just by setting an appointment and arranging initial payment online, clients can expect excellent medical services from this provider in the comfort of their own workplace and schools.