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Workplace Health

When it comes to creating a safe, healthy and productive workplace environment, it is natural for companies to focus on providing the necessary tools, guidelines, equipment, and software applications that will boost productivity and keep employees focused. 

However, when the flu season approaches companies and businesses will have to rely on more than just applications and methodologies to ensure work and productivity doesn’t plummet.

In Australia the flu season usually creeps around late autumn to early spring, and around 5-20% of the Aussie population is infected each year depending on how wide or aggressive the outbreak is. That is why it is imperative for workplaces to ensure that their employees are secure against Influenza outbreaks with Flu Vaccinations.

In 2019 alone, the Australian Health Department reported high level of infected flu patients with more than 800 deaths due to influenza that were officially reported. And now with the ongoing pandemic, the health care system in Australia is under stress while trying to accommodate patients with the COVID-19 virus and other diseases.

Therefore, working with Vaccin8 Plus to create a fool proof vaccination program available for your employees is not only a great idea but a wise one that will have positive benefits both for the health and safety of your employees. 

When to start the Influenza Vaccination:

The flu season usually begins from June and lasts till September, however it can affect the general population throughout the year due to different outbreaks that can occur over time or if people are travelling. That is why for a vaccine to be effective it should be administered prior to Influenza season for optimal protection.

Starting immunization processes in March or April will ensure that your employees and their families are protected well into mid of the year and they can show up for work without having to take sick leaves. Vaccine8 Plus provides the following vaccinations along with the Influenza vaccines:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Tetanus

Whether you have employees that are travelling or get infected with Influenza during anytime in the year, Vaccin8 Plus can provide immunization for the above mentioned viruses both on site and in our clinics. We have a team of registered and accredited nurses that can administer the vaccine in an effective, safe and efficient manner. 

We also provide secure online booking systems to companies that is customizable according to their branding and full of the required information. To know more simply drop us a message and we’ll get back asap.

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